Stop NATO Cymru launch #NatoCopWatch campaign against police harassment

In the wake of anti-NATO campaigners facing unwarranted police presence at their events, the increase in surveillance expected in South Wales in the run-up to September’s NATO Summit and police pestering activists in their own homes, Stop NATO Cymru have launched a campaign encouraging people to film and photograph police connected to the Summit and share the evidence on social media.


Communities in and surrounding Newport have already been threatened with up to 9,000 police being drafted in to the area for the Summit and it is expected that surveillance of locals will increase rapidly over this month.

Supporters of Stop NATO Cymru have already reported police harassment of street stalls and meetings across South Wales, individual email accounts being compromised and, on July 31st, Police Community Support Officers visiting rented flats in Cardiff, asking to take photos of the inside in connection with the Summit.

When activists can be treated this way just for our attempts at social change – harassed in the streets and at our homes – our reasons for challenging things as they are become clear. At no point is the state’s power over people’s lives more obvious than when it glaring at us through the lens of an “evidence gatherer’s” camera. The last year has seen huge revelations as to the extent of state surveillance, with a combination of corporate and state powers having access to virtually any aspect of our lives at their own discretion. This September those powers will be gathering in Newport, planning the maintenance and expansion of their influence through military strategy. We will be gathering to oppose them.

Until then we urge people – particularly those living in South Wales, who will bear the brunt of state surveillance in the oncoming weeks -to be aware of police intrusion into their lives and to film, photograph and upload images of the police to social media using the hashtag #NatoCopWatch, turning the cameras on those who seek to photograph us, keeping track of those who track our movements and exposing those who seek to suppress us.


Stop Killing People You Twats – Benefit Comp for Stop Nato Cymru

From Recordiau Afiach, Cardiff


WE PRESENT TO YOU – AFIACH #5 ‘Stop Killing People You Twats’ available from our bandcamp page for £2.99 or more. 38 amazing songs, with a political message, with all funds going to the group Stop Nato Cymru who will be opposing the Nato Summit in Newport next month.

Featuring Will Tun & the WastersRuffstylz MusicAttila the Stockbroker‘s Barnstormer, Côr Gobaith, AgathoclesSkunkadelicDavid RovicsTig LinnRadio RhyddThe SmashroomsClass ActionsAutonomadsBlack Star Dub CollectiveAfro ClusterThe Brave ToasterCop On Fire,Tracey CurtisAbergazBandit The PantherPiombo, Lila, Camilla, Jamie Bevan a’r Gweddillion,Little Eris & Mab JonesGab De La VegaGlobal ParasiteThe RoJ LiGhtMwstardQuercus Burlesque, Taffy Twp, Death PopMark Ayling AcousticTiTs UpBrian Curran Acoustic, Raz Chaoten, Dangle Manatee, Ammonika and Son Capson

It’s all a mix of styles, with something for everyone – hip hop, electro, punk, folk, a choir….


Stop NATO Cymru Week of Action

Stop NATO Cymru Week of Action

Sat 30th Aug – Fri 5th Sep
Newport, South Wales

All week: action camp near Newport, with gigs, workshops, skillshares.
Plus additional infopoint in Newport. Locations announced near the time
(via contacts below).

Sat 30th Aug – Infopoint opens & Radical bloc will join demo against NATO in Newport.

Sun 31st Aug – Day of action against drones, securitisation and policing.

Mon 1st Sep – Day of action against austerity, benefit cuts and evictions.

Tue 2nd Sep – No Borders South Wales day of action.

Wed 3rd Sep – Day of skillshares and action training.

Thu 4th Sep – Stop NATO mass action to disrupt the summit. Further details
near the time (via contacts below). Affinity group actions to help disrupt
the summit also welcome!

Fri 5th Sep – Affinity group actions against capitalism, the state and
NATO; get together with your mates and organise your own action.

More details of all events will be available at the camp, and from:
@anarchistaction 07440 192330

Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence

Saturday 16th August 12-6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power

Sunday 17th August 12- 6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power 

Stop NATO Cymru is a group initiated by local activists to mobilise against the NATO summit. Stop NATO Cymru joined with the Anarchist Action Network as a group with the same fundamental principles and as a group with the experience and skills gained from the anti-G8 mobilisation in 2013. These principles are based on the PGA Hallmarks, we are overtly anarchist and support a diversity of tactics.

The Anarchist Action Network is working with Stop NATO Cymru to mobilise against the forthcoming NATO summit. This is the last National Convergence before the summit – come and join the mobilisation!

Please email us in advance to discuss any queries at: stopnatocymru at riseup dot net. This is our number, for further information you can also ring/text: 07440 192330

All welcome except cops & journos.

Stop NATO Cymru Day of Action against Militarism

On the morning of Friday, July 25th, supporters of Stop NATO Cymru took action in London and Cardiff, locking themselves to the front doors of missile developer MBDA, occupying the HQ of arms company Airbus Group and closing the Armed Forces Careers Centre in Cardiff by occupying the roof. This was part of an ongoing anti-militarist campaign in the run up to September’s NATO Summit in Newport, targeting all institutions which perpetuate violence on a global scale.

Cardiff Armed Forces “Careers Centre” closed

Cardiff Armed Forces “Careers Centre” closed

MBDA is jointly owned by arms companies Airbus Group (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Finmecanica (25%), companies guilty of providing arms used by Israel to bombard communities, demolish hospitals and murder innocent children in schools. Palestinian solidarity activists stood with us against these monsters, with Israel having used British bombs on playing children, family homes, schools, independent journalists, rescue vehicles and hospitals in the last week alone.

Protester locks on

Protester locks on

In solidarity with Stop NATO Cymru, anti-miltarist activists from Stop the Arms Fair entered the lobby and picketed the entrance to the London HQ of Airbus Group (aka EADS). Airbus Group is a major profiteer of war. They manufacture jets, drones (including some with nuclear warheads) and surveillance technology. They are the second largest arms producer in Europe, with investments in authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kazakhstan. Airbus has recently announced new contracts worth £50mil, and have urged the arms industry to take ‘full economic advantage’ of the NATO Summit. The summit is an opportunity for them to showcase their killing machines and  blood-stained business through NATO procurement. Stop NATO Cymru opposes the NATO war machine, arms production and the murder of anyone for corporate profit.

(Welsh) When the rich declare war, it's the poor that die.

(Welsh) When the rich declare war, it’s the poor that die.

Earlier this month the British Army launched a recruitment drive entitled ‘More Than Meets the Eye’, aiming to dispel myths surrounding life in the forces, boost their falling recruitment figures and secure the flow of “a new stream of young blood” as head of recruiting, Major General  Chris Tickell, so aptly put it.

They are right about one thing, there is more to life in the army than meets our eyes – more to what the media, charities and the state show of the idealised soldier. Waves of forced redundancies are leaving thousands unemployed, many of them young people, promised adventure and reward at the recruiting office before being spat into the jobcentre, often injured, with thousands wounded over the last decade.

Even those who keep their job are constantly exploited y the state. The fact is that every individual within the armed forces – from the musician to the infantryman – is part of an effort to further the state’s  expansionist agenda. In Afghanistan, war for oil saw the deaths of almost 4,000 coalition troops and an estimated 20,000 Afghan civilians killed to bring NATO’s version of democracy to the Afghan people. Now we see conflict flaring in Ukraine, with British companies having armed the Russian dictatorship, America throwing its weight behind a neo-Nazi backed government and the  people of Ukraine and the world suffering the consequences.

We took action to show that we will not stand by and watch ordinary people suffer in the wars of the wealthy. We are anti-militarist, opposed to states, their armies and the world that creates them. When NATO brings its circus to Newport in September, we will make our feelings known.


NATO is the militarist juggernaut that encourages military spending in times of austerity, stokes the flames of conflict in places like Ukraine and represents the armed wing of capitalist exploitation. In spite of the power behind NATO – and all militarist institutions in a world of government by violence – we will keep up our fight on the streets, doing all that we can to bring change, until every gun is cold, every bomb is dead and every cage is empty.


Next national meeting

Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence

Saturday 19th July 11am -5pm in Newport, South Wales at the Community Space Partnership, 128 Lower Dock St, Newport, NP20 1EG

Sunday 20th July 11am- 5pm in Cardiff, South Wales at the Owain Glyndwr Pub, (Tair Pluen function Room) Cardiff, 10 St John’s Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 1GL

Stop NATO Cymru is a group initiated by local activists to mobilise against the NATO summit. Stop NATO Cymru joined with the Anarchist Action Network as a group with the same fundamental principles and as a group with the experience and skills gained from the anti-G8 mobilisation in 2013.

The Anarchist Action Network is working with Stop NATO Cymru to mobilise against the forthcoming NATO summit. This is the penultimate organising meeting before the summit – come and join the mobilisation!

Please email us in advance to discuss any queries about disabled access, childcare or crashspace at: stopnatocymru at riseup dot net.

National meeting coming up

Anarchist Action Network Meeting – 28th and 29th June – London

Please circulate!

Announcing the NATIONAL WEEKEND CONVERGENCE in LONDON of the ANARCHIST ACTION NETWORK and STOP NATO CYMRU. To be held on the weekend on 28-29th June 2014 at The London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES.


The Anarchist Action Network are working with Stop NATO Cymru to support the mobilisation against the forthcoming NATO summit. The Anarchist Action Network respects diversity of tactics and has adopted the PGA Hallmarks.

This is a two day event and all are welcome (except cops and journos) from 11am til 5pm each day on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of June 2014.

Please email us in advance to discuss any enquiries about disabled access, childcare or crashspace at: anarchistactionnetwork at riseup full-stop net

Programme for the Newport Rising

Newport Rising festival – Gŵyl Safiad Casnewydd

May 26 – June 1

A whole week of events in a venue in Newport

Venue announced: 95-96 Commercial St, NP20 1LU. Map is here. If you get lost ring/txt 07440 192330.

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Anarchists shut down Barclays in Cardiff

The campaigners formed a Radical Bloc on the Trades Council-organised May Day march, breaking from the main route to take action against the bank instead of going to listen to speeches by union officials at the Trades Council’s rally.

outside Barclays
outside Barclays

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May Day 2014 – Call for Anarchist Action and news on Mayday actions in Cardiff and London

On Mayday 2014 Anarchist Action Network is calling for anarchists to unite
in One Common Struggle. We are calling on you to join fellow anarchists
and remember the victims of the system’s oppression, take action against
the symbols of the state and capitalism and hold events highlighting the
need to struggle for a better world.

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