Next AAN meeting

What: Anarchist Action Network public meeting
When: Sunday 22nd November 2015, 12-4pm
Where: Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX


The Anarchist Action Network is an autonomous network made up of local groups and individuals from the anarchist movement based in the UK. We came together after the 2013 G8 summit to help re-build an anarchist network for the UK and take action together against capitalism and other oppressive elements in society.

The network meets once a month, in a different town or city, to make decisions by consensus about principles and strategy. We have adopted the PGA hallmarks and have other principles that define us.

We organised two ‘Anarchist Travelling Circuses’, in Newport, South Wales and East London, as well as numerous other events, demonstrations and weeks of action, and we now plan to organise a third A.T.C. and make other plans for the network in the months ahead. We’d like to welcome you (except cops and journos) to be a part of this.

2 – 8 November 2015: Week of Action Against the North Wales Prison & the Prison Industrial Complex

Poster for week of action against North Wales prison in November

About the Week of Action

A week of action has been called to encourage people all of the UK & the world to take action against the construction of the North Wales Prison in Wrexham.

The prison will be the second largest prison in Europe, holding more than 2100 people and costing £250 million to build. Australian contractor Lend Lease was awarded the contract to build the Wrexham titan prison by the government in May 2014.

Local people have resisted the prison for over half a decade; objecting to planning applications, lobbying, going to meetings. Full planning permission was eventually granted in November 2014 despite local resistance. It is now a construction site and this place of abuse and oppression is being built as we speak.

Our aims are to resist it, slow it down and send a message to the state and the prison industry that it is not acceptable to profit from caging human beings. The Government wish to build more prisons in the UK, this is our opportunity to intervene and prevent this industry from expanding. We must take the offensive against prison expansion and the social control of our lives. We are fighting until all are free.

What is taking place?

  • Demonstrations at the prison and its suppliers. Find your local prison profiteer here:
  • Noise & solidarity demos at prisons all over the UK
  • Information nights, workshops & film showings to ignite more resistance to the prison industrial complex in the UK

Organisers from the CAPE Campaign will also be supporting existing events taking place during the week including:

  • The United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) Annual Procession on 31 October. The UFFC is a national coalition of families and friends of those that have died in the custody of police and prison officers as well as those who are killed in immigration detention and secure psychiatric hospitals in the UK. Assemble 31 October 12Noon at Trafalgar Square for a silent procession along Whitehall followed by a noisy protest at Downing Street.
  • The Surround Yarl’s Wood Demonstration at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre on Saturday 7th November:

How to Get Involved

Court support for #StopDSEI arrestees (October multiple dates)

There were a few arrests during the DSEI protests. People are due to appear in court on the dates below. It would be great if as many people as possible could turn up to support those arrested.

Thames Magistrate Court
58 Bow Road, London, E3 4DJ (nearest station: Bow Road)

7th October, 10.30am (1 person)
9th October, 9.30am (5 people) : (FB event for one of the defendants is here:… )
12th October, 9.30am (5 people)
13th October, 9.30am (1 person)

If you know someone who was arrested during the arms fair protests, ring Green and Black Cross on 07946 541 511. The Green and Black Cross website has a lot of useful information on knowing your rights; what to do if you get arrested, and how to support someone who has been arrested.

If you can be on-hand to offer court support, email

Facebook event:

DSEI 2015 report: Two weeks of action against one of the world’s largest arms fairs

What became a fortnight of actions against the DSEI arms fair has recently come to a close.

DSEI (“Defence Security Equipment International“) is one of the world’s largest arms fairs and takes part every two years in East London.

This year’s DSEI was scheduled for 15th-18th September, but a call to action to disrupt the setup of the event in the preceding week was issued by Stop the Arms Fair. From the first day anti-militarists continually conducted various actions to block the road and prevent large lorries destined for the event, including many carrying armoured vehicles and tanks.

The mobilisation opened with a day against Israeli apartheid. People blockaded access by holding the ground in front of the main entrance, jumping on the back of lorries and at one stage locking onto one with an arm tube. One person was arrested for alleged criminal damage of an armoured jeep. The first day also saw the establishment of an onsite camp and infospace at the front (East) entrance which lasted until the end of the arms fair. The week of action continued to disrupt the setup in similar ways and others that included pouring red paint across the entrance and breaching security to get inside the exhibition hall. There were No Borders actions, not just because of how wars create refugees but also the large amount of border security and surveillance equipment promoted at the arms fair.

The STAF week to disrupt DSEI’s setup culminated in a mass demo on the Saturday. People blockaded the front (East) gate of the fair with their bodies and three people locked on together with arm tubes that were so effective it took five hours for them to eventually be removed, with the cops having to use industrial grade angle grinders. At the rear (West) entrance the inner perimeter fence was blockaded by bike riders that had arrived in a critical mass. These people were then defended at the rear by individuals from Disarm DSEI who locked themselves by the neck to the Heras fencing which formed the outer perimeter, preventing any lorries from making deliveries for several hours, until MOD police arrived and the blockaders were cut off – one being arrested with a remaining D-⁠lock still attached to their neck.

With the setup over (despite persistent disruption), the actual fair kicked off the following week, opening its doors to the arms dealers. A series of attempts to breach security and/or disrupt the event continued.

A secret luxury arms dealers dinner at the Cutty Sark was discovered and picketed.

Kurdish activists and supporters demonstrated against repression in Kurdistan by the Turkish government (who came to buy and sell weapons at the event), curtailing the DSEI waterborne demonstrations and later confronting arms fair delegates as they sought to leave the event.

On the last day of DSEI an Anarchist hacker collective ‘Information Liberation Front’ (ILF) leaked documents to the Indymedia UK website, which show that they were able to gain access to Hacking Team’s company EZONE account on the DSEI arms fair’s website and register a fake exhibitor at the fair. They issued a communique stating “Hacking Team are war criminals, DSEI are war criminals, their security is shit…”.

The mobilisation against DSEI arms fair 2015 was drawn from a truly diverse mixture of groups but worked constructively towards a common goal of blockading and disrupting the arms fair. This year represented an increased shift away from the symbolic to the profoundly practical, with a diversity of blockading and disruption tactics employed.

Stop the Arms Fair week of action against DSEI: 7 – 12 September


This September, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs is coming to London’s ExCeL centre. Help us to stop it! Join us for a week of action at the ExCeL Centre from 7 – 12 September.

The DSEI arms fair is where arms companies showcase their weapons and make deadly deals with buyers from across the world, including those from countries with serious human rights problems. The arms fair, due to take place on 15-18 September, involves more than 1000 companies and 30,000 attendees.

We have to stop these companies profiting from conflict and repression. Join us from 7 September for a week of action in the run up to the arms fair to make it as difficult as possible for it to go ahead. Each day different groups will be organising actions highlighting the different impacts of the arms trade and repression.

Exhibition equipment and military hardware will be rolling (or sailing) into ExCeL – let’s stop it getting to its destination.

Monday 7 September: Stop Arming Israel
Tuesday 8 September: No Faith in War
Wednesday 9 September: Stop the Arms Fair: Arms to Renewables
Thursday 10 September: Welfare not Warfare!
Friday 11 September: Freedom of Movement for People not Weapons
Saturday 12 September: Big day of action!

On Saturday 12 September there will be a big day of action on the weekend before the arms fair begins to stop the arms dealers going about their deadly business.

For more info and a full list of actions:

Reclaim the Fields International Action Camp 2015


This year, an international gathering will be held in the UK, in Dudleston, Shropshire, on the Welsh/English border to resist the mega prison.

When: Friday 6pm 28th August – Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Where: Dudleston Community Protection Camp, Shropshire on the Wales/England Border.

About: Reclaim the Fields UK (RTF) was born in 2011, as a star in a wider constellation of food and land struggles that reaches around the globe. Since 2011, camps and other RTF gatherings have helped support local communities in struggle, share skills, developed networks, and strengthened the resistance to exploitation, in Bristol, west London, Gloucestershire, Nottingham and Fife among other locations.

Every two years there is also an international camp, where people from around Europe and beyond meet together to support a local struggle (from gold mining in Romania to open cast coal mining in Germany, for example). People share share stories and ideas about resistance and reclaiming our food system beyond national borders. This year, an international gathering will be held in the UK, in Dudleston, Shropshire, on the Welsh/English border.


* To support local communities in the west and north west of England, and the north of Wales with their struggles against fracking
* To increase participation in Reclaim the Fields
* To demonstrate visible, active opposition to prison construction
* To support Dudleston Community Protection Camp build a garden and infrastructure to become more self-reliant
* To demonstrate the interconnection between these struggles
* To inspire and radicalise everyone involved

What’s happening:

* TWO DAYS OF ACTION – Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd September – demonstrations & actions against companies involved in the construction of the North Wales prison, as well as local fracking-related targets.

* WORKSHOPS & SKILLSHARES – Over the bank holiday weekend there will be abundant opportunities to learn, share, discuss and connect with other people.

* BUILDING & GROWING ON THE SITE – Be part of installing gardens & low impact infrastructure at the community protection camp. Learn about permaculture, agroecology, forest gardening, mushroom growing, pallet construction, compost toilet making, off-grid electrics and more.


* This camp has been organised to support the local community in Dudleston to resist fracking in their area (as well as working with other local anti-fracking groups & protection camps in the North West who have been resisting extreme energy developments for a number of years). To find out more about their struggle see here:

* It has also been organised to give attention to the North Wales Prison Project that is being constructed. This will be Europe’s second largest prison holding 2100 prisoners and the first of a number of ‘mega prisons’ that the UK Government wish to build. Click here for more information about the prison, why we are against it & links to articles about the prison industrial complex in the UK:

How to get involved:

Click on the website to find more practical information about the camp and how to get involved:

* Workshops & programme – what’s happening & how to contribute
* Planning Actions
* Directions & public transport information
* What to bring
* Safer Spaces Agreement
* Accessibility of the site
* Food & donations

This is a DIY camp and everyone is needed to get stuck in to make it happen. People are needed to:

* Support with publicity before the event – sharing the gathering online, putting posters up, encouraging your local group to get involved. People are also needed to help design the programme, respond to emails & plan facilitation.

* Helping with site set up & building infrastructure (planning this in advance & being on site a few days before the gathering)

* Signing up to a shift over the weekend to help with cooking, site set up & safety, being on the welcome tent & so forth

* Supporting local groups to organise actions

If you can help with any of these tasks please email:

Reclaim the Fields
– Homepage:

UK anarchists pull off cheeky repeat factory occupation

Elbit factory rooftop occupation

Activists from the Anarchist Action Network formed part of the second rooftop occupation of an Israeli factory in Kent on Monday July 6.

This marked the anniversary of the 2014 attack on Gaza and coincided with the Block the Factory protest in Shenstone, in the Midlands.

Alongside Palestine solidarity campaigners and other anti-militarist comrades, the AAN participants launched an early-morning assault on Instro, a fully-owned subsidiary of drone manufacturer Elbit, which makes optical guidance components.

The compound and roof were both taken by 4am, with a sound system on the ground inside, a lock-on to the main gate and other protesters remaining outside the premises on the Broadstairs industrial estate.

Police turned up, initially in large numbers, and at one point were spotted trying to climb on to the roof from the back of the building – however, their ladder was not long enough and they retreated!

The factory was closed for the whole day and the occupation crew exited the premises under their own steam after a 12-hour stint.

The same factory was previously occupied, again with AAN involvement, in February this year. No arrests were made on either occasion. (See “What is Elbit scared of?” in Acorn 3)

East London Rising – 3rd-9th August 2015

East London Rising banner
Click here for the full details or View the latest Programme of Events.

From Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th August 2015 Anarchist Action Network is holding a free week of events at LARC (London Action Resource Centre) in East London. The week will include a social space with free drinks and evening meals, workshops, discussions, film screenings, practical skillshares and more. We hope that these events will address some of the issues which most people are facing right now – including problems with housing and welfare cuts, and the government austerity agenda, increased poverty, racism and the racist border system, state violence and harassment.

Overview of Events

Each day there will be themed workshops and discussions:
Monday 3 Aug – Anti-racism, Anti-borders
Tuesday 4 Aug – Environment & degrowth
Wednesday 5 Aug – Skillshares
Thursday 6 Aug – Benefits claimants and workers rights
Friday 7 Aug – Housing struggles and anti-eviction
Saturday 8 Aug – Anti-militarism and anti-imperialism
Sunday 9 Aug – Anarchism

Free every day:
– Tea and coffee
– Hot meals each evening
– Info area

Anti-Austerity Court Solidarity – 27th July

Time: 12.00pm
Date: Monday 27th July 2015
Location: Cardiff Crown Court
Address: Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3PG

Demonstration to show solidarity with two facing serious charges after being violently attacked and arrested by police at an anti-cuts demonstration at a HSBC branch in Cardiff in May this year.

There will be a short solidarity demonstration outside the court from 12.00 pm on Monday the 27th of July 2015. Anti-repression and anti-austerity banners and well-wishers welcome.

Were you present at the Mayday demonstration and march in May 2015? Even if you think you didn’t see anything you may be able to provide useful defence evidence as to the nature of the day. If you think you may be able to help please email:

Facebook Event:

Some UK summer events

Elbit shenstone

Monday July 6. Block the Factory.

A day of “creative action” against Israeli drone factory in the Midlands, supported by AAN among other groups. It is taking place on the anniversary of last summer’s assault on Gaza, which killed more than 2,200 Palestinians in the latest brutal chapter in Israel’s ongoing occupation and colonisation. The massacre was carried out using drones manufactured by Israeli arms company Elbit Systems, whose factory at Shenstone was occupied last year. Now campaigners are going back, in numbers…

breaking the frame2

Thursday July 9 to Sunday July 12. Breaking the Frame.

The politics of technology are the focus of a gathering in Derbyshire, England, from July 9 to 12 2015. Breaking the Frame 2 has been organised by Corporate Watch, Luddites200 and others. Workshops will focus on the technology politics of food, the workplace, privacy/policing, gender, energy, health, militarism, mining and infrastructure.


Wednesday August 19 to Monday August 24. Earth First Summer Gathering.

The gathering is billed as “five days of skills sharing for grassroots ecological action” revolving around the struggle against fracking, new roads and lots more, with a particular emphasis on community-based campaigns. It is “a chance for people and groups from across the country and beyond to get together to network, share practical skills, ideas and inspirations to help our actions and campaigns be as strategic and effective as possible”.